-If your vehicle is used outside of Quebec, for more than 7 consecutive weeks, you must notify your insurance broker prior to departure.

-Ask your Broker how much you'll save with an anti-ignition alarm system installed in your vehicle.

-Ask your Broker if you have a "Loss of Use Endorsement". This endorsement will compensate you for a rental vehicle, up to a certain limit, should your vehicle require repairs following an accident that is covered under your policy.

-You can add an endorsement to your automobile insurance policy, for a small fee, which will cover you when operating a non-owned automobile, such as a rental vehicle.

-Rental companies will charge you between $15 and $20 a day or more, for the same coverage.

-The above mentioned optional endorsements are also available in one package at a very reasonable premium.

-When you purchase a new vehicle, request information on Replacement Value options from your Broker and car dealer.

-When you plan to travel outside the Province, verify with your broker that you are insured for damage to your vehicle, should you have a non-responsible accident.


-Inquire about a water damage endorsement, if you do not already have one on your residential policy.

-Verify that your current policy covers you against lost caused by collapse due to weight of ice or snow. Most Broad Form policies include this coverage. However, it is excluded on most Standard Forms.

-Above ground swimming pools must be added to your policy in order to be covered.

-Other optional coverages include: guaranteed replacement cost on dwellings, earthquake, reduced deductible for glass breakage, boats and motors and fair rental value for landlords.

This clause states that you are required to be insured to at least 80% of the actual replacement value of your dwelling. If you are not insured to at least 80% and you sustain a partial loss, you will share in the loss to the proportion that you are insured to value. In the event of a total loss the limit on the policy applies.


-Commercial policy rates often fluctuate. Therefore, we recommend that you verify your rates every 2-3 years.

-Does your present policy cover you for loss of revenu? This optional coverage will compensate you if your business is temporarily closed due to an insured loss.