In the event of a major loss occurring outside our regular business hours, please call your Insurance  companies Emergency Service number.
Emergency Service Numbers

If you suffer a major loss outside our normal business hours, contact your insurer's "Emergency Call  Service".
Aviva: 1-866-692-8482
Elite (Maison mobiles, tout-terrain, motoneiges): 1-866-692-8482
Elite/Leclerc (Roulotte de voyage): 1-800-567-0927
Intact: 1-866-464-2424
Morin Elliott: 1-855-444-0771
Maxneige : 1-866-938-1570 x 304
Pembridge (Pafco): 1-877-463-2727
RSA (L'Union Canadienne): 1-800-873-2424
If you do report a major claim directly to your insurance company, you will still have to advise our office  on the next business day.


In Case of Damage or Theft

If your vehicle has been damaged, vandalized or stolen, contact your insurance company or broker   immediately. The sooner you file a claim, the faster it will be settled. The Civil Code requires policyholders to inform their insurers of losses as soon as they are known. Once the insurer has received the policyholder's statement, and the necessary supporting documents Joint  Report or police report, depending on the case), the insurer has 60 days to compensate the policyholder   according to the terms of the contract.

The Direct Compensation Agreement prescribed by the Automobile Insurance Act provides insurers with   an effective tool for handling claims. The guidelines contained in this official document allow insurers to   determine the policyholder's degree of fault and establish the compensation to be paid. The claims compensation process usually involves the following steps: accident report or Joint Report (if  no one is injured) is completed at the scene of the accident; statement is made to the insurer or broker;  damage is assessed by an approved appraisal centre or certified appraiser; insurer determines the   policyholder's degree of fault; repairs are made at a garage recommended by the insurer or chosen by the   policyholder, OR . . . . . . if the vehicle is declared a write-off, compensation is awarded according to the  terms of the contract.

A Few Tips

The faster a claim is filed, the faster it is settled. Reread your insurance policy occasionally to ensure that  it's coverage still meets your needs. No riders are mandatory, but each one can prove useful: discuss  them with your broker. It is possible to opt for liability insurance and selected optional coverage only;  however, off-road vehicle users must carry the minimum amount of liability insurance mandated by law: $50,000.

If the vehicle is damaged in an accident, the insurer will take into account the driver's degree of fault  when determining compensation.  Where possible, use the Joint Report (as long as no one has been  injured); this will speed up the claims process.  If you are the victim of a criminal act such as a theft,  vandalism or hit & run, the first step is to notify the authorities. In case of bodily injury, call the proper  authorities. Report your claim to us without delay.

If you have suffered a major loss outside our regular business hours, contact your insurer's "Emergency  Call Service".

Damage Appraisal

In Quebec, the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) oversees the activities of 21 approved  appraisal centres and 53 accredited firms. Between them, they carried out no less than 111,227 damage  estimates in 1999. As stipulated in the Automobile Insurance Act, the GAA ensures that car damage  appraisal is carried out according to best practices. The rigorous standards applied to estimators working  in appraisal centres and accredited firms, as well as to those working directly for insurers or repair people, leave no room for improvisation or subjectivity.  Appraisers must first pass an exam to earn their letter of good standing, then obey the code of  professional conduct, and abide by the quality-control standards stipulated by the GAA.


If you are the victim of a criminal act such as a theft or vandalism, contact the police department in your  area. In the event of a theft, take all the means necessary to secure your house. Don't hesitate to replace  a glass or repair a door. Keep the replaced parts to show your adjuster. Make a list of all stolen items and  join it to all documentation such as bills, instruction manuals or pictures.

For a burst pipe, you can replace it and keep the old one. The replacement of the pipe itself won't be  covered but the ensuing damages will be.

For a loss for which the liable party is identified, you will be indemnified for your damages less your  deductible. To recover your deductible, you will need to address a Demand Letter to the third party. Your  insurer cannot legally claim your deductible on your behalf.

If you have suffered a major loss outside our regular business hours, contact your insurer's "Emergency  Call Service".