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Construction Insurance

A broker specializing in commercial insurance will be able to evaluate all of your operations and analyze them in order to fully understand your issues.

Our mission is to target your risks and provide you with the best insurance coverage for your organization.

In addition, we work closely with more than 60 insurers and have specialized markets so we can offer you the widest choice of insurance for businesses. Make it easy to manage your coverage with us.

Civil and Professional Liability

Each company has its own needs in terms of civil liability, so we put all our knowledge and skills at your disposal to offer you the appropriate coverage to protect your company and participate in your growth.

The civil liability contract allows the insured to meet the legal obligation to repair damage caused to others. This allows the insured to meet the legal obligation to repair an injury caused to others.

Errors & Omissions coverage is the solution to cover risks related to the practice of a profession or a professional group. Depending on the specific nature of the exposure of activities carried out, the insurance coverage can be effectively adapted to your limited needs.


Cyber Risk Insurance

Companies are increasingly exposed to cyber risks due to the growth of new technologies. Small and medium-sized businesses are mainly targeted by cybercriminals, as it is easier to hack into computer systems and steal confidential data from their customers.

​In Quebec, self-employed workers and owners are exposed to considerable cyber risks. They usually have to ensure the confidentiality of other people’s personal information, or the security of financial transactions made on their commercial site. All websites are subject to attack, and all data is susceptible to theft and identities to be stolen. The financial impact and the impact on the company’s reputation can be very damaging. It may therefore be wise to take out Cyber Risk Insurance.


Surety Bond: Credit Instrument

A surety bond is not an insurance policy, but rather a credit instrument. It is intended to protect the beneficiary from the non-performance of an obligation contracted by the principal debtor.

The construction industry is the sector where surety bonds are most frequently used. The surety undertakes to the owner or prime contractor that the contractor will perform the agreed contract. A financial guarantee is provided by the surety if the contractor fails to perform.

Our insurers have solid experience in this sector of activity; we can help you obtain the necessary approvals and verify that the documents meet your contractual obligations.


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